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Willow Asymterical Sleeveless Pure Cashmere Cardigan



When stock is not available to purchase online now, Pre-orders available for delivery mid February.

Celia Kate essentials asymmetrical sleeveless cardigan. Super soft 8G knit, from 100% cashmere. Flattering fit. Beautiful shell buttons. Can be worn in numerous ways - the buttons at the front or back. Button undone or done up.

It is a must-have staple in every wardrobe. Made from 100% cashmere, this piece is a sophisticated timeless classic with an asymmetrical edge. 

Great for autumn or winter as the sleeveless design gives more flexibility as to what is worn underneath. For those warmer days but with still a bit of chill, a light long sleeve cotton tee is the perfect addition. 

Each garment is hand embossed with celia kate logo. We have developed a hand embossed logo which is hand stitched embroidery thread onto each and every garment. This makes our designs stand out to be easily recognisable. 

Attention is placed on high-quality linen fabric & precise stitching. All pieces are beautifully crafted and will last for many years to come.

Please see Celia Kate cashmere care kit here for instructions for washing and storing of your Celia Kate cashmere pieces.

See delivery details here.

View general Celia Kate sizing guide here.

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