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Color Theory

Exciting new art workshops coming soon! 



Welcome friend! Celia Kate Art is a place where we get to learn from each other through online and in-person making sessions using Zoom. We also offer workshops in person. Our purpose is to remind you that we are all creative and very capable of making our own unique marks.

As we build our own creative practices, sometimes it’s nice to hear about someone else’s practice, have a bit of direction in the form of a new project, and share in the process with friends. That’s what we’re here to do- to facilitate learning sessions with members of our community who we’re really excited to learn from! We give you permission to make art, no matter what level you’re experience may be – so Join us for a session soon, and let’s continue to learn together and be inspired by one another!

Our current sessions are taught by our Celia Ommundson, the owner and director of Celia Kate but watch this space as we are hoping to get other talented artist teachers in to bring their unique experiences and practices here! From time to time, we’ll also be adding sessions taught by guest artists as well!

 We cant wait to make with you!