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Color Mixing Charts



Aug. 11 / 5pm PST / Color Mixing Charts with Janice Chuang


Wednesday, August 11, 4:45-6:30pm PST

Join zoom 15 minutes early for an informal meet and greet with the instructor and other class participants! Session instructions will begin promptly at 5:05pm so that everyone has plenty of time to join!

We will be exploring the range of hues possible with our watercolors by creating a color mixing chart. Using 8 or so colors of your choosing (or more for a project you can continue after the session is over), we'll reveal the spectrum that is possible when seemingly disparate colors work together, and the nuanced results are often surprising and magical.



• Watercolors: any colors you're interested in exploring (this exercise is most interesting when using colors outside the usual ROYGBIV range feel free to browse the premade CfM watercolor sets and individual colors here to see what you’re drawn to!)
• Multiple Pieces of Watercolor Paper (we love 140lb, cold press watercolor paper and recommend Strathmore Vision 9x12)
• Watercolor brush (Janice recommends using a 6 Round or smaller)
• Cup of water
• Mixing Dish but you can also use the lid of your watercolor set! (if you want to try ours we absolutely love our CfM + Cloutier Ceramics Mixing Palette)
• a piece of cloth or folded paper towel (we have Studio Cloths available online as well)


Janice Chuang has been making paint with us since she took a watercolor paint-making workshop with Alexis. Since then she's been keeping us all laughing at the back table when we could all make paint together. We're all completely in awe of her beautiful illustration style, her handwriting, and her overall impeccable style. We so look forward to seeing what classes she cooks up as well!

Find more of Janice’s work at and Instagram: @missjanicechuang
**If you can’t make a session that you signed up for, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can open up the spot! We are able to refund if we’re notified at least 48 hours prior to the session.

***Session links will be sent the night before or the morning of your session! Zoom links are sent via email, so please check out with the email you’d like to receive communication at.