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Xavier Silver Russian Bracelet

Sold Out

Xavier Silver Russian Bracelet

100% silver

The bracelet is made in three sizes.

Please email me with you wrist size so we can work out which bracelet size fits you.

How to measure your wrist size:

1. Pick one of your wrists or the wrist of the person you wish to offer it to.

2. Measure the internal diameter on the widest part.

Please note this is a limited edition piece.

It is a perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

All pieces are tried and tested by celia kate herself guaranteeing the highest quality commensurate with price. These pieces are designed to last the long haul. It is not costume jewellery.

Please see delivery details here.

Thank you for visiting my gallery.


Please note that celiakate&co. is a designer company of bespoke pieces some of which are limited edition. Each piece is bespoke, with no two pieces the same. Imperfections are an intended design feature of celiakate&co leather and silver products

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