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Masai 3 Round Shell Necklace

Sold Out

Shell & Rope

This necklace is another addition to the Celia Kate Co.Tribal necklace collection.

The round shells are real shells sourced from nature.

The necklace is rope.

Please note these are limited edition pieces and once sold, they may not be available again.

All pieces are tried and tested by celia kate herself guaranteeing the highest quality commensurate with price. These pieces are designed to last the long haul. It is not costume jewellery. Even though these necklaces seem big, they are consciously chosen to not be too heavy around the neck.

Please note that celia kate co. is a designer company of bespoke pieces some of which are limited edition. Each piece is bespoke, with no two pieces the same.
Imperfections are an intended design feature of celia kate co leather and silver product.

Please see delivery details here.

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