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The importance of linen

Written by Celia Kate White


Posted on February 05 2017

Celia Kate & Co. 

The importance of linen


At Celia Kate & Co. we make our garments using the highest quality of natural fabrics. The use of natural fibres is beneficial not only for our skin but also sustainable for the environment. We focus on using cottons, linens and silk. 


There are multiple benefits of linen fabric, which is why it is so widely used for multiple purposes. Created from the stalk of a flax plant it is environmentally friendly, a trait that Celia Kate & Co. particularly favours as you'll have previously seen, our sustainability movement saw us launching the Circular Economy Initiative.

Adding to the sustainable efforts of linen is its long lifespan thanks to the durability of the fabric. The more often that it is worn and washed the softer the fabric becomes making it wonderful to wear. The structural properties of linen also mean that no matter how many times it is washes, it will always retain its shape.

 Linen CK

All of our fabrics are pre-washed before being sewn into garments, however the hand dying process does add starch to the fabric so we always recommend washing again before wearing to ensure the fabric softens back to its natural state.


Known as a great fabric for summer time, the high moisture absorbency of linen is ideal for warmer climates like we have in Australia. The fabric is highly breathable which is why it is preferable in comparison to synthetic garments.


The Celia Kate & Co. garments are designed to be your everyday essentials, relaxed styles that are easy to wear, that also mean our clothes are machine washable to fit in with the day-to-day lifestyle. Because of the robust nature of linen, our pieces are fine to be washed in your home machine, and if you want to take extra care simply slip them into a netted laundry bag before washing.


To produce the linen fibres does take a considerable amount of time, the process is slow and cautious which is why linen fabric can be so expensive, however the result at the end is worth paying the extra for. You will be gifted with a piece that is long lasting and only gets better with age. 


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