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The importance of cotton

Written by Celia Kate White


Posted on February 01 2017

Celia Kate & Co. 

The importance of cotton


At Celia Kate & Co. we make our garments using the highest quality of natural fabrics. The use of natural fibres is beneficial not only for our skin but also sustainable for the environment. We focus on using cottons, linens and silk. 




Cotton has always been a highly desirable fabric, and works perfectly within our everyday lives due to its reliable properties that make it such a soft and durable fabric.

Cotton and linen are often compared due to their mutual benefits. Both are known for their breathability, which is why our summer collection is made up purely of these two fibres. Although often used for similar products, the two fabrics do have differences - most noticeable in the touch and handle, with cotton having a softer drape.




You'll see that all of our long and short sleeve tee's are made from 100% cotton fabric and this is crucial for a few reasons:

  • Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton doesn't retain bad odours.
  • Because of this, cotton doesn't have to be washed as frequently. Less washes and more wear mean you'll be saving time, water and energy by wearing it, giving back to the environment and helping with Celia Kate & Co.'s sustainability efforts.
  • Cotton doesn't pill like other fabrics do, any fibres that ball up are removed in the wash.




You may have also noticed that cotton has a natural stretch even without adding any elastane fibres. This stops the garment from picking up any static, it also prevents it from clinging onto the body. Cotton retains its stretch as well as shape excellently for a long period of time.

Most importantly as we mentioned, it's a low maintenance fabric. Cotton is machine washable and is long lasting. Our cotton pieces are your everyday essentials and you need to be able to treat them like that, so all of our pieces are machine washable and can be easily dried on your washing line. 


All images feature the Minka Long Cotton Dress available on Celia Kate & Co.