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Written by Celia Kate White


Posted on November 07 2018

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the best tricks to purge your closet and prepare yourself for summer and create a wardrobe you love. However, a lot of us, myself included, have a hard time letting go of some of our clothes, even though we no longer love or wear them. So I started looking at the reasons why we keep clothes we don’t wear anymore

I realized there are some common reasons why we keep clothes we don’t wear anymore. I think a lot of people face these common stumbling blocks when trying to purge their closet. They can make it difficult to let go of what you no longer love and wear and create a minimalist wardrobe you love.

Understanding why it’s hard to let go of clothes you no longer wear is the first step. Once we understand what’s making us want to keep clothes we don’t wear, its easier to move past these mental blocks and effectively purge our closets 

Why we keep clothes we don’t wear and how to move past them:

  • Sentimental Value

There are people who are sentimental. They tend to keep a thing that holds special memories in it. For example a movie ticket from your first date, a rose from a special someone, trinkets and such. Clothes are one of them especially if they are given by a special someone. To move past those clothes you have to weigh how much sentimental value the clothes have.

  • Your What If’s

Everytime you try to let go of a certain clothing your mind tends to think of situations where you can wear it again. However, you must also remember that you have other clothes that you actually use.

  • Possessiveness

Yes, you bought those clothes either from your favorite store or from a high-end boutique. This is why you are keeping it even though you don’t wear it anymore and it’s just there inside your closet. These clothes can be given to anyone; you can sell or donate it to the one’s in need. If you have bought it in a high price then if you sell it you can get half of it’s original price.

  • Relying for Self-Worth

When you bought a dress from a well-known clothing line then there’s a certain feeling that you have more value. This might be right but you don’t have to rely your self-value to the things you wear. You can still keep some clothes from that high-end clothing brand and purge some that you know you can’t actually wear anymore .Your self-worth won’t be affected. Giving to others is a better help when it comes to knowing your self worth.

  • Indecisiveness

We all have those moments where we spend a lot of time thinking about a dilemma. Right now your dilemma is if you are going to keep your unused clothes or not. The more you think about it the more fickle-minded you get, so always stick to your first decision, then you’ll get through your dilemma in a day.

  • You Worry Too Much

Getting rid of your clothes makes you feel that you can’t get another chance to have clothing like it. Penny for your thoughts: once you started to let go of what’s bothering you, your thoughts will eventually declutter.

  • The More The Merrier Mentality

When you see your closet full with clothes you feel fulfilled. However the more clothes you have the messier you get, let go of the clothes that keeps your closet from breathing well. Always remember that less is more.

  • The Collect and Select

Collect and collect then select is common to people who are shopaholics. They treat clothes like collector’s item. Clothes aren’t collector’s item that you just can display anywhere so the next time you go in a boutique select only the clothes that you know you can wear for a long time.

  • Baby Treatment

Some people treat their clothes like their own children. It is hard to let them go because they cherish it so much. Remember that parents even let go of their children at some point of their lives.

  • The Love for The Broken

No matter how damaged a clothe is you still keep it because of the memory of how it got holes or stains.  If you really need to clean your closet be rational when you are doing it. This is just being practical, some of your clothes that are new, whole, and ready to be used needs to get a place in your wardrobe.

  • Puberty

When you are in the peak of being a teenager it is where you are figuring out what’s really your style. You buy and buy clothes until you finally get what you really like. After you figure out your fashion sense then make up your mind to sell or give away the clothes that didn’t pass your taste.

  • Celia Kate Recycling Vintage 

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  • Yourself

It’s hard to let go of something that became a part of your life. You can’t give it away because it has been with you since you started learning the multiplication table. Learn to let go of the things no matter how much of a part they had in your life, other people needs to experience it too.

If you can relate yourself with these reasons then it is time to clean your closet. Be minimal and practical, your clothes are hard to let go but you need to especially when the situation requires it. When you are still having a hard time decluttering your wardrobe then read this article again until it finally helps you.