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How to Transition Your Closet for Summer

Posted on October 12 2018

Mr. Sun shines bright again, it’s finally summer time!

A seasonal transition automatically comes with seasonal waredrobe sort-out.  Do yourself a favour by spending this weekend in front of your closets and cabinets. Look closely at every item you got and decide what clothes, accessories or shoes to pack away for next winter.


Cleaning materials           

     - cleaning cloth, cleaning agent, vacuum cleaner

Storage area                     

      - before storing all your winter clothes in the allocated space, do a deep clean first. Moth eggs can be tricky to spot that’s why neglecting the nooks and crannies is not a good idea. The storage area of your everyday clothes shouldn’t be ignored either. Pull all your everyday drawers and cabinets out and sort everything that’s inside. You can pile your items under categories such as jackets, shirts, bottoms, shoes and tanks. This way, you are preparing your closet for wardrobe reorganization.


There’s something about a uniform set of coat hangers that makes it appealing to look at. It makes your closet look more organized and tidy. If your wardrobe is housing mismatched hangers, it’s time to pay a visit to your nearest home improvement shop to buy new packs of similar ones.

Vacuum Storage Bags (optional)

Remove the unnecessary bulk by putting all your clothes in a in a vacuum storage bag before keeping them in your main stockpile area. Aside from saving lots of space, it can also ensure better protection for your beloved items.

Have I ever used this item before?

If your closet is housing unused items, it’s time that you re-evaluate their existence. What’s the reason why you haven’t worn it before? If you bought it because it looked fancy and wearable for special occasions, you can give them a try this summer because there will be a lot of special events such as long weekends and music festivals. If you still haven’t worn your items for these occasions, accept the fact that you’ll never wear them ever. Let them go.

Do I really need 3 black boots?

If white shirt and black sneakers is your everyday uniform, it’s perfectly understandable. However, it’s still important to sort your wardrobe out to spot unwanted signs of wear such as stains, fading and nasty smell. The items that have these features should accommodate no space in your closet.

If you have a high pile of denim jackets in which some are unused, it’s recommended that you put them in a donation box. I know denim jackets are your thing but do you really need all those 5 similar looking denims?


With all this knowledge, you can now start folding and rolling all the clothes that you won’t be using for summer. Decide if an item is something you want to keep, donate or throw away.

After organizing everything, you can now enjoy your renewed closets full of items that you love.

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