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Celebrating 2 years of Celia Kate & co. with specials on your favourite designs

Written by Celia Kate White


Posted on November 10 2016

Last week we turned two. October 27th 2014 marks the day Celia Kate & Co. first launched their website and introduced their brand with their first stockist - Henry Corbett & Co. in Woollahra. I can't believe it has been two years since we first opened our doors, or should I say, launched our website and brand

Owner and creative director - Celia Kate, reflected on the past two years...

Happy 2 year birthday
for us on 27th October 2016.

I would equate starting your own business to having a baby – 
nerve wracking, definitely challenging, makes you initially constantly sick, with highs and lows, trials and error, not much sleep but also so incredibly rewarding. Now I am running my own creative business, I could not imagine doing anything else. Intuition and courage are my favorite friends. I feel so proud to have made it through this second year! I’m so incredibly thankful for every single order, customer and follower on social media. And of course to my amazing suppliers – I couldn’t have made such incredible products without your help and hard work.
Celia Kate & Co found its niche in the market, I'd struggled to find designs that embraced colour, were affordable in price and were easy to style. I wanted garments with an edge, that could still remain timeless and sophisticated, and the use of natural fabrics was key for me. From this starting point, I went about learning how to dye these natural fabrics by hand. Being a frequent online shopper myself, cutting down the shipping costs was definitely one of my aims and at the moment most of our orders go out with free shipping. The more orders we take, the more we see Celia Kate being worn and this is the greatest motivation for me.

I want to build my brand, to get the name out there as much as possible, so more women can wear the Celia Kate & Co. label and see just how easy it is to style and wear in terms of designs & colors and how great the fabrics feel against your skin. I am extremely proud to say that we started this year leaps and bounds ahead of the last year and I’m hoping to see it stays that way. We’ve grown to 10 stockists around Australia and are making exciting contacts over in the States now. Since the beginning I have personally created every aspect of the business – from designing, creating collections, creating the colors (we hand dye our fabrics), picking fabrics, working and reworking samples, picking suppliers (via painful trial, error & intuition), managing production, designing and building the website, the photography and styling, being selective in the models I use, inventory, book keeping, marketing, social media, customer service, packing parcels and posting them off. The label is steadily growing and it’s so rewarding to make women feel wonderful in clothing you have personally produced.

Just over 3 years ago my father and sister passed away, I went on to meet my amazing husband and start my own business all within a year and now we have a baby on the way. Having gone through such trauma as a family I reached a point where I had nothing to lose. That’s when I started the business. Passion is key in life, and the opportunity to start my own creative label was something I felt so strongly about even against all advice. It’s been challenging at times but I practice what I preach and Celia Kate & Co. is just an extension of who I am. As the business grows, I also grow as an individual. My husband and my mother have been a huge support. My husband has been my rock, made me feel so safe and supported in my creativity and craziness. My mother, despite having lost a daughter has been an incredible creative force behind me, edging me through most creative obstacles. They believe in me and have supported and encouraged me and I couldn’t have achieved what I have without them. I am eternally grateful for everyone’s support, I look forward to seeing you at again soon.

Lots of love, Celia Kate xx

Most importantly... To celebrate!

As a thank you to each and every one of you, we’re celebrating this milestone with an exclusive week of birthday specials! We’re offering a unique deal everyday until 10th November 2016. Subscribe to our website, follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page to stay up to date with our daily specials.